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How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea

If you have come to Shroommaps because you are interested in getting started with shrooms, you’re probably in the world of exploration centered around them. One of the most asked questions we get is how should I consume the dried shrooms? Personally I just take the little pieces whole and chew and chase down with a beverage of choice as if I’m taking a shot of alcohol. But we know that isn’t something everyone is willing to try or they have some preconceived notion about the taste of psilocybin shrooms.  

One of the most favorite ways people consume these lovely shrooms is by making tea, as it is a good way to ingest shrooms in a comfortable – and even tasty – manner. Let’s take a closer look at this topic below. 

Eating shrooms is a common way to get the product, and the psilocybin it contains, into your system. You could simply buy some shrooms from a store you find here on, find a good place and time to go on a trip, and eat an appropriate dose and enjoy the ride and benefits it has to offer. In terms of simplicity, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

So, what’s the problem with eating shrooms? For some people, it’s a matter of taste. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have a taste that is not always easy for everyone to ingest and it’s subjective to any given person. Some people don’t like the earthy tasting and texture of them and may feel it’s unpleasant, while others have no issue with the taste and can handle the shrooms on their own without having to alter the taste. 

Due to the taste being not for everyone it leads many people to pursue other forms of ingestion, including brewing the mushrooms into a tea. In this way, you may be able to hide or alter the flavor enough to make it enjoyable – or, at least, not a negative experience. And, if you are someone who happens to enjoy tea otherwise, you could wind up bringing together something you already enjoy with a new experience that you are pursuing into a package that becomes one of your favorite things to do.

Many Advantages to Magic Mushroom Tea

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Magic Mushroom Tea

Choosing to create a magic mushroom tea is not just about avoiding the taste of these mushrooms when you eat them, although that is a big selling point for some people. Additionally, there are other advantages that might point you in this direction, even if you don’t find the taste of psilocybin mushrooms unpleasant. Those advantages include the points listed below. 

  • Protect your stomach. Some users find that eating mushrooms doesn’t agree with their digestive system, and they wind up with some kind of discomfort or distress as a result. That certainly isn’t enjoyable and will take away from the experience that you are trying to have with this experience. So, by going with tea, you may find that you can avoid such digestive issues and can instead focus on the journey that you are going to take while under the influence of psilocybin. 
  • Allows you to Use small doses. Consuming only a small dose of magic mushrooms is always advisable for newcomers to this area, especially to test the waters and see if you can handle more or if it’s just enough depending on the goal of your experience. Working your way into magic mushrooms gently and gradually is the best bet. Given that reality, brewing a tea makes it easy to take a very small dose while still enjoying the experience along the way. Your tea can be quite mild the first time you try it, and you can gradually increase the dosage you use in the brew as you gain experience and build up a tolerance. 
  • Quicker onset. No two people metabolize shrooms in the same way, even if they’ve taken the same dose at the same time. But the liquid delivery of tea into our intestines’ absorbent tissue means the onset is often cut in half. Which for many people is amazing news because they want the effects to hit them so they know if they need to take more or not. 
  • Better for those with dietary restrictions. Many shroom vendors infuse them into chocolate bars or gummies for a more familiar product experience, discrete packaging, and dosing instructions. But not everyone can eat chocolate or sugary, gelatin-based gummies. So that’s why it’s great to have a more natural organic way to take the shrooms in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Onset of Mushroom Tea

Much like with cannabis-infused tea, shroom tea usually kicks in a lot faster than just eating the shrooms whole or in a food product like chocolate or gummies. Because the psilocybin is infused to the water, which enters the stomach and digestive tract a lot faster and more evenly than eating shrooms, expect the onset of shroom tea in around 30 minutes, or even less. 

Metabolic and environmental factors can impact this time. Wait at least a full hour after you’ve consumed your shroom tea before taking any more to be able to evaluate the full effects of the dose you have taken. 

How do you dose psilocybin mushroom tea?

Dosing psilocybin tea is easy when you know the strength of your shrooms. Different shroom species have different potencies and amounts of multiple psychedelic compounds; some species may only require a gram for an intense trip, whereas others need a higher amount to achieve the desired effect. Always check with your shroom source so you know what to expect. If you can’t identify or find out the type of shrooms you have, always dose low until you know what amount works best for you. You can also change the amount of liquid you use to dilute the tea’s potency. For example, if you use only 1 gram of shrooms and make it with 8 oz of water, your cup of shroom tea will be a lot more concentrated than if you used 24 oz and thus ingest around 0.3 grams instead.

Type of doseDoseLength of effectsBest suited for
low.5g to 1g1-4 hoursNovices, microdosers
medium1.5g to 3g1-4 hoursExperienced consumers
high3g and up2-6 hoursVery experienced consumers

A Simple Process on how to make some Tea

Making magic mushroom tea is very similar to making any other type of tea. So, if this is something you do regularly with more traditional tea materials like leaves, you shouldn’t have any trouble brewing something that you will enjoy sipping on in a comfortable setting. 

The key to the process is to take your desired amount of dried magic mushrooms and grind them up into a powder. Or, if you don’t have a tool to grind them up, you could try simply chopping them very finely with a knife. The goal is to have the mushrooms broken down into small enough bits that they will easily dissolve in your water. Speaking of the water, bring some water to a boil and then let it cool down a bit. 

With hot water on hand and your mushrooms ready to go, simply drop the shrooms in and let the mixture steep for at least 10 minutes. For a smooth tea, you can strain out any mushroom bits after the steeping has finished, and you might even want to add some honey or lemon for an improved taste. 

Do you have to drink mushroom tea as your method of ingestion when first trying shrooms? Of course not – this is just one of multiple options available. Most likely, you’ll need to experiment with various options to find the one that works best for you and the one that is most enjoyable. Above all else, be sure to be safe with your shroom consumption, always start with modest doses when getting started, and source your shrooms from reliable retailers like those you can find listed on our site. Good luck!

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