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THRILLEST “The Long History of Magic Mushrooms”

Whether you’ve done them or not, you know what magic mushrooms are and what they do. They’re naturally occurring fungi called psilocybin mushrooms that, when eaten, cause hallucinations. People have been taking them for fun for centuries and more recently, have argued that they should be legalized for their medicinal properties. That’s probably a long shot, but you might as well learn a little about magic mushrooms… just in case. 

Some historians suggest North African and European cave paintings from 9,000 BC may allude to magic mushrooms. It’s also known that Aztec rituals included a hallucinogenic substance called “flesh of the gods” that might have also been ‘shrooms. It feels safe to assume that ancient cultures were using magic mushrooms for something, but we can’t be sure.

What we can be sure of, is that shrooms arrive in the United States in the 20th Century with a little help from an executive at J.P. Morgan Bank. He discovers them on vacation and thinks (presumably), “these are fun, I should bring some home to my buddies.” So he does. read full articles at THRILLIST

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