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VICE NEWS “San Francisco Just Decriminalized Shrooms”​

“San Francisco unanimously passed a resolution this week that decriminalizes plant-based psychedelics like shrooms, ayahuasca, and peyote.

San Francisco has become the latest U.S. city to decriminalize psychedelics like magic mushrooms and ayahuasca.

A resolution passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors Tuesday says arresting people for using, growing, and distributing federally banned plant-based psychedelics like shrooms, ayahuasca, and and mescaline-producing cacti (better known as peyote) shall be “the lowest law enforcement priority” and that no city resources should be used for investigations tied to the use of psychedelics. The resolution also calls for the state and federal government to decriminalize psychedelics.” read full article at VICE NEWS

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