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Magic Mushroom Dosage Chart

Here is a great reference for Magic Mushroom Dosage:

Magic mushroom dosage chart

There is no doubt that dosing is one of the trickiest parts of using magic mushrooms. Going into it for the first time, there is just no way to know how a given dose is going to impact you. For that reason, starting with very low doses is the best advice.

  1. How Much is a Micro-Dose?
    • If you’re Microdosing then you almost don’t want to feel anything at all because you’re still trying to function. The correct microdose amount is 0.10 grams (1 tenth of a gram). As soon as you get into the neighborhood of 0.25 gram (1/4 of a gram) you will likely feel it a little tiny bit and it will no longer be a micro-dose.
  2. It’s my first time, what’s a beginner dose?
    • So, if you’re not micro-dosing and you want to feel the magic of psilocybin mushrooms you must take more than 0.25 grams. If it’s your first time a good starting point for a is 0.50 grams (half a gram). Start with 0.50 grams and wait 2 hours. If, after 2 hours, you want to feel more take another 0.50 grams and go from there.
  3. What is a good mushroom dosage to feel the trip?
    • If you’re familiar with shroom and want to enjoy it a little more it’s recommended to take at least 1 gram. Most will take 2 to 3 grams for a decent mushroom trip. After about 1 or 2 hours you can take more as wanted!
  4. What Is A Heroic Dose of Mushrooms?
    • First put forward by Terence McKenna, the heroic dose is exactly as it sounds – a much larger dose of psilocybin mushrooms than would normally be used.  No specific amount is attached to this term, but for some people, it could be in excess of five grams of dried mushrooms. There are tremendous benefits to taking a heroic dose and we go in depth.

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