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Are Mushrooms Legal?

Of all of the various questions that hover around the topic of magic mushrooms, perhaps none is more common, or more important, than this simple one – are they actually legal? You might think that it would be easy enough to determine whether or not something was legal to sell and use in the United States. That assumption would be mistaken, however, as the legal picture surrounding psilocybin mushrooms in this country remains very murky and rapidly changing. 

So, in this post, we are going to tackle the question that everyone seems to want an answer to with regard to mushrooms and their sale and use. It’s going to be difficult to paint a perfectly clear picture – because, unfortunately, there isn’t a perfectly clear picture out there to be had. The situation remains fluid and confusing, but we’ll try to help you understand where things stand at the moment. 

Where Are You?

The key place to start when thinking about the legality of magic mushrooms is with your own location – and no, it’s not good enough to just establish that you are in the United States. That’s only a starting point, as the rules within different states, and cities, are going to vary wildly. 

In the U.S., the legal status of shrooms tends to be far more relaxed near the west coast, with a more conservative approach taken in the middle and eastern portions of the country. The notable exception to that general rule is Colorado, which has approved regulated use and stands in contrast to most of its neighbors. There are also ongoing legalization efforts up and down the west coast, including Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. 

Always In Flux

It’s important to note that just because a state has passed some legislation that relaxes the rules on magic mushrooms, that doesn’t mean that they are fully legal. For example, the first step in Colorado was to allow the use of psilocybin in state-regulated centers and under the supervision of professionals. It doesn’t yet allow for retail sales, and there are plenty of other restrictions. 

With that said, there is a lot of momentum across the country – even in more conservative states – to decriminalize the use of shrooms at the very least. In this way, the movement is taking on a form that looks a lot like the process marijuana has been going through in recent years. While still illegal federally, marijuana is now allowed to be grown and sold in many states, and residents of those states can simply walk into a store and make a purchase. It’s yet to be seen if that’s where psilocybin mushrooms are headed, but that’s one potential outcome. 

We won’t blame you if you aren’t quite feeling satisfied with the takeaways at the end of this article. Plenty of people in and around the shroom industry are equally frustrated with the legal status of magic mushrooms around the country and how confusing the network of changing laws continues to be. The good news is this – the trend is moving strongly in the direction of legalization, and the progress is expected to continue moving forward. To check out shroom dispensaries near me that make it possible to acquire magic mushroom products, use the map we have created here at 

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