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Do Shrooms Expire? How Long Are Shrooms Good For?

Most of the time, you’ll probably use your shrooms relatively quickly after you purchase them. You probably aren’t going to stockpile a big collection – you’ll simply place an order and get a product not long before you plan to use them. In those cases, you don’t need to worry about longevity, as you will have used them up well before any concerns about them shrooms going bad start to develop. 

In the case that you do wind up with some shrooms that you don’t use quickly, however, it’s important to know roughly how long you can expect them to last and what to watch for to confirm that they are still good to use. We’ll take a look at this topic in the post below so you can figure out a plan for any shrooms that you have had for a while. Let’s get started!

No Specific Deadline

Once dried, your magic mushrooms don’t necessarily have a specific date that they need to be used by. With that said, what you are likely to find is that the potency of the mushrooms will fade as time passes. So, a mushroom that provides a certain level of reaction when it is relatively fresh might only offer a portion of that trip after it has been sitting around for a few months or longer. Generally speaking, you’ll still get good results out of shrooms that are less than a year old, although the psilocybin concentration is going to be gradually declining along the way. 

Many Different Variables at Play

The biggest variable when thinking about the shelf life of shrooms (or anything, for that matter) is the moisture content left in the mushroom. The more moisture that is present, the shorter the shelf life will be. So, properly dried mushrooms that have had as much water content removed as possible are going to perform better over time. Also, the strain you are using will have some impact on how long they last. 

Good Storage is Key

If you want to make sure your shrooms last as long as possible, make it a point to store them properly. As mentioned above, this is a matter of moisture control, and keeping water away from the shrooms is essential if you want them to hold up over time. You’ll want to use an airtight container to prevent fluctuating moisture levels in the air from impacting the condition of the shrooms. Also, you can add a moisture-absorbing packet to your storage container to go another step toward keeping things as dry as possible. 

Before you can even worry about whether or not your shrooms have gone bad, you’ll first need to acquire some shrooms or products that contain magic mushrooms. For that, the easy starting point is Our map will help you find a mushroom dispensary near me that sells shroom products, so you can check on what they offer and see if they have what you are looking to purchase. Check out the map today!

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