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Magic Mushrooms 101

The world of magic mushrooms can be intimidating, to say the least. As more and more people learn about the powerful effects of psilocybin shrooms, and some of the stigma is peeled away regarding the use of these incredible plants, it’s important that helpful information is available to encourage people to get involved with shrooms both safely and responsibly. You shouldn’t need to “know somebody” to have this world opened up to you – the information should be freely available to those who want it. 

With that background in mind, we’d like to present this detailed post that is going to cover the basics of magic mushrooms and what a beginner in this space needs to know. Of course, this is just a single blog post, so there is no way every last detail is going to be included in this page, but you will know far more about shrooms by the end of this post than you do at the moment. Let’s get started!

What To Expect With Magic Mushrooms: Consumption, Effects, Duration and Much More

We encourage you to read through this entire page to gain a good base level of knowledge on magic mushrooms. However, if you just want a quick overview, the bullet points below will do the job. 

  • The use of magic mushrooms can elicit a range of feelings in the user including excitement and silliness, confusion, anxiousness, paranoia, and more. 
  • Hallucinations are possible with shrooms, along with the classic distortion of sight and sound that is commonly referred to as “tripping”.
  • After ingestion, magic mushrooms will commonly take 30 minutes or more to take effect. 
  • The duration of the effects of shrooms will depend on a number of factors including the dosage and the user’s history. For some people, a trip on shrooms will last up to five hours. 
  • One of the biggest risks associated with consuming magic mushrooms is accidentally eating a poisonous mushroom instead. Trusting the supplier of your shrooms is essential for safety. 
  • It’s always important to be aware of any other drugs that you are consuming, as the mixture of multiple substances can be dangerous and can lead to unwanted and unexpected side effects. 

Like anything else, it’s important to work your way into the world of shrooms gradually and carefully. Even if you are excited about what you have heard about using psilocybin shrooms and you want to experience it for yourself, there is no reason to rush. Instead, play it safe, learn as much as you can about this world, and start with very small doses to see how magic mushrooms affect you and whether or not you enjoy the process. There will be time later to move into bigger doses and more intense experiences, if you so choose. 

The World of Magic Mushrooms

If you are new to this world, the only interaction that you have had with any kinds of mushrooms may have been in the grocery store. As a result, you might not have any idea of what to expect in terms of how magic mushrooms look, taste, or even smell. 

Starting with looks, it’s important for beginners not to attempt to identify magic mushrooms by appearance alone. Unfortunately, they can share many characteristics with mushrooms that are poisonous rather than magical, and the results of making a mistake in this area can be deadly. You need to be sure you know exactly what you are looking at, so stick with products that are clearly labeled and come from trusted sources. 

The amount of psilocybin in a magic mushroom is going to vary from one strain to the next. One common type, the liberty cap, is somewhat less potent than other options. If you use magic mushrooms regularly, you will start to become familiar with how much of an effect each type has on you, based on the dose you take. 

In terms of taste, you shouldn’t expect these to taste like the kinds of mushrooms that you would put in your food in the kitchen. Those mushrooms are cultivated with the purpose of being tasty in a variety of foods or all on their own. Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, tend to have a very strong earth-like taste, perhaps tasting a bit dirty, and the texture is usually quite chewy. 

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms

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How Do You Take Magic Mushrooms?

There are a few different ways to take magic mushrooms. Any of these options can work nicely and deliver the desired effect, so it’s more a matter of personal preference than anything else. 

  • Eating them. This is likely the most popular way to consume psilocybin mushrooms, and it is the most direct. Typically, eating the mushrooms is done with liberty caps, especially after they have been dried. The simplicity of this approach is what is most appealing, although you might find it a bit difficult to tolerate the taste and texture. Some people who don’t want to endure the potentially off-putting taste may opt for one of the other options to still get the psilocybin effect without chewing and swallowing the mushrooms. 
  • Capsules. These are magic mushrooms ground up to a fine powder and put into capsules. This is one of the fastest growing methods to take shrooms! Capsules are small, fit easily in your pocket or purse, and are perfectly dosed. Most capsules range from 100mg to 250mg (0.25 grams).
  • Drinking it. One of the more enjoyable ways to consume magic mushrooms is to make a tea out of them instead of just eating them plain. If you like tea, you might find this to be a more pleasurable way to start the experience, and you could even make the preparation of the tea part of your ritual that gets you in the right mindset for what will come next. 
  • Taking drops. Extracts of psilocybin are also available, meaning you can take drops to go on a trip rather than using the other typical approaches like eating or drinking. Of course, you’ll need far less of the extract to get the desired effect than you would when consuming mushrooms in other ways. 

One important note that should be made here is that you do not want to attempt to smoke magic mushrooms. Doing so could be dangerous and will not deliver the desired effect – the psilocybin compounds that are responsible for the trip you are hoping to go on will be destroyed by the high heat that occurs during smoking. So, rule out that approach and use one of the other tried-and-tested ways to consume magic mushrooms safely. 

Feelings to Expect From Magic Mushrooms

People take magic mushrooms to elicit certain types of feelings. Going on a “trip” is the standard goal for most users, during which everything around you will appear distorted and just generally different than it appears normally. In addition to distortions, you might also find that you are very silly or giggly while on shrooms, or that you feel particularly energized and excited by the experience. 

On the other side of the coin, some negative feelings are also possible. That could mean strong feelings of anxiousness or paranoia, or feeling overwhelmed by the world around you. Because of the possibility of these negative feelings, it’s important to start your experience with shrooms with very small doses and work your way up gradually as you get more comfortable and confident. 

How Long Will Shrooms Last?

It’s important to know how long you can expect the impacts of magic mushrooms to last before you take any dose of this substance. The last thing you want to do is enter into a trip and have it extend far longer than you expected, causing unwanted disruptions to your life. You should know how long you can expect to be impacted by the shrooms, so you can plan life accordingly. Also, it’s good to build in a bit of a buffer with your scheduling just in case the effects linger more than anticipated. 

As you might expect, the duration of a shroom trip is going to vary from person to person and from one experience to the next. The factors that will influence the length of the trip include the dose you take, the amount of psilocybin within that dose, your personal tolerance for shrooms, other drugs you might have taken, and many other factors. You can use five hours as a guideline for how long the whole experience might last, although the psilocybin could be detectable in your system for up to eight hours. 

One thing to keep in mind when using shrooms is that you want to have a safe, comfortable space available for this experience. Make sure you can stay there for several hours, and it will be comforting to you if you happen to have a bad trip or some other issue where you are pushed out of your normal comfort zone. Also, some trusted friends are a great resource to have on hand as support. 

Understand the Risks 

There are risks when taking any kind of drug, including magic mushrooms. While the relatively low level of risk that comes with shrooms is a big part of why they are increasingly being legalized across the country, you can’t go into this thinking that the risks are zero. By being aware of what is risky about using shrooms, you can mitigate those risks and give yourself the best possible chance of being safe. 

Without a doubt, the biggest risk that comes from using magic mushrooms is incorrectly eating a poisonous mushroom. Poisonous mushrooms can be deadly, and even if not, they can cause serious health impacts and you will need to seek medical attention right away to address the issue. The best way to avoid eating poisonous mushrooms by mistake is to know where your magic mushrooms are coming from and only source them from reputable dealers. If there is anything questionable about how you are getting your shrooms, just move on and find another way to acquire them. 

Assuming you do have actual psilocybin mushrooms, eating them is usually only linked to relatively minor side effects, if any. Those can include feeling dizzy, getting sick, having diarrhea, or stomach cramps. You should always seek medical attention if any symptoms become too severe, but that would be rare. 

Of course, it’s also important to pay attention to mental health. Your state of mind is going to be impacted by taking shrooms, and in some cases – particularly for people with existing mental health issues – that can lead to some unwanted consequences. Those include a bad trip that winds up being scary and uncomfortable, flashbacks that take you to dark places, and more. 

Finally, there is always the risk of mixing this drug with another in a way that proves to be dangerous or harmful. You need to be very aware of everything that goes into your body, and always do your research to make sure no bad outcomes are likely as a result of your mushroom use. 

Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive?

While plenty of other substances that humans use have an addictive quality that makes them hard to stop using, the same is not true of psilocybin mushrooms. These are not considered an addictive substance in terms of the way they interact with your body’s chemistry. 

With that said, there are some changes that will occur if you start to use shrooms regularly. Specifically, the most notable change is the tolerance that you are likely to build up to the effects of the shrooms. In other words, a certain dose may affect you in a given way at the start, but that same dose isn’t going to be able to deliver the same effect once your body starts to get used to it. As time passes, and you get more and more used to what psilocybin does in your body, it’s going to take larger and larger doses to get to the same place. 

Magic mushrooms seem far more approachable when you are armed with the information you need to know what to expect and to make good decisions. Whether or not you decide to try shrooms is up to you in the end, of course, but it’s always best to have as much information on hand as possible when making choices in life. We hope you have found this page helpful and we wish you all the best in whatever comes next. 

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