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How to Microdose Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

One of the most popular ways to use magic mushrooms is microdosing. Even if you don’t know much about the idea of microdosing, you have probably heard about it in places that talk about psilocybin – and even in some mainstream areas where you wouldn’t expect to hear such discussion. 

If the idea of microdosing has gotten your attention and you are wondering how to try it out for yourself, this post should help you move in the right direction. As with everything else in the world of shrooms, learning as much as you can is a great starting point, so we hope you’ll find the information below useful. 

What is Microdosing? 

Before we can talk about how you do it, we need to first explain what microdosing is and why it has gotten so popular. This is a case where the name pretty much says it all – microdosing involves taking a very small, fractional portion of a regular dose in order to achieve a subtle experience. We explain other ways to enjoy magic mushrooms in a separate post.

When using a “regular” dose of shrooms, the user will typically go on a powerful, introspective, immersive trip that can last for an extended time. That is not what is achieved with microdosing, nor is it the goal. Instead, using a microdose can deliver positive effects – highlighted below – without the immersive trip that some people may not wish to take. 

How to Microdose Shrooms

Getting started microdosing shrooms is easy enough – you simply take a very small dose periodically. Usually, that will mean taking less than one-third of a gram, and perhaps as little as one-tenth. If you are just getting started, you’ll want to remain on the low end of the dose range while you experiment and figure out how much you need to achieve just the right desired effect. 

Most likely, you’ll only want to take a microdose every few days. Doing this too frequently will cause your body to build up a tolerance and you’ll end up needing to take more and more to achieve the same effect. The goal is to be able to regularly microdose over time without creating a strong tolerance in your body that demands larger doses moving forward. 

While there are no rules for when you should administer your microdose, it is often done in the morning as a way of enhancing cognition throughout the waking hours. You might want to use a journal or some other method to record how you feel and adjust accordingly based on your results. 

Mushroom Capsules

Perhaps the most popular way to microdose is in the form of mushroom capsules. There’s two main reasons capsules have become more popular than ever: 1. they are extremely portable and 2. you know exactly how much psilocybin mushroom material you’re getting. And given capsules are blended and mixed very evenly throughout the process you know what to expect from every capsule you take. Shroom consumers have good things to say about Shroomology Mushroom Capsules.

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The Benefits of Microdosing

As mentioned above, you aren’t going for the full trip that is often associated with psilocybin mushrooms when you opt for microdosing. So, what are you trying to achieve instead? As a starting point, many people try microdosing as a way to boost their creativity. You might also find that it gives you a mood lift, helps your brain function more effectively, and it could make you more emotionally stable. Of course, these results are going to vary based on the person and the dose, so you’ll need to get familiar with what microdosing tends to do to you.

In the end, microdosing mushrooms is pretty simple both in terms of the concept and how it is executed. Of course, you might decide that this type of magic shroom usage isn’t right for you, or you might decide that shrooms in general aren’t a good fit, and that’s just fine. It’s all about gathering as much information as you can to make an informed decision before you move forward. We hope this post has been helpful and feel free to use this site as a resource to find “shrooms near me” options near you if you decide to give them a try.

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